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What are Essential Oils? 

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers & other parts of plants. Essential oils are used for a very wide range of emotional & physical wellness applications. Essential oils are naturally safe and have few, if any, undersirable side effets when used as directed.  


How do you use Essential Oils? 

Essential oils can be used aromatically, topically and internally.  For young children, pets and those with sensitive skin, dilution with a carrier oil such as frationated coconut oil is advised.  Always follow directions for each oil to ensure they are being used properly and safely.  


Why all Essential Oils are not created equal

There are many different grades of oils including those designed for the food or fragrance industries. These are not the same qualty as those deemed as therapeutic grade and safe for internal consumption. The purity of an essential oil is its most important characteristic. Proper methods of growing, harvesting, and distilling are crucial to maintaining purity. Always be certain you are receiving your essential oils directly from the manufacturer in sealed bottles. Ordering from third party sites cannot guarantee you are receiving the pure, manufactured product. 


Why doTERRA essential oils? 

When you choose doTERRA, you are choosing essential oils gently and carefully distilled from plants that have been patiently harvested at the perfect moment by experienced growers from around the world for ideal extract composition and efficacy. 

Each doTERRA essential oil is also carefully and thoroughly tested using the strict CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol. Experienced essential oil users will immediately recognize the superior quality standard for naturally safe, purely effective therapeutic-grade doTERRA essential oils.  

While there is a science to the distillation of essential oils, it is also an art. Distillers not only rely on years of experience, they also employ modern technologies and techniques. 

The most common method of extracting essential oils is a low-heat steam distillation process. In this process, pressurized steam is circulated through plant material. The essential oils are liberated from the plant and carried away by the steam. When the steam cools, the water and oils naturally separate and the oil is collected. To ensure the highest quality oil extract with the correct chemical composition, the temperature and pressure must be closely monitored. Too little heat or pressure and the oil will not release; too much, and the oil’s composition and potency will be affected. 

How can I buy doTERRA essential oils?
I am a doTERRA Essential Oils Consultant.  You may purchase products at retail or wholesale.  Ask me how to save 25% on every order!

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