Become a Marconics No Touch Practitioner!

I am excited to announce that I received certification as a Marconics Teacher Practitioner and will be offering classes in Connecticut, New York & Rhode Island in early 2019! My teaching partners, Aaron and Stephanie, and I are working on the dates for the two-day

class. The dates will be published on the Marconics LLC website at

very soon!

Marconics is a broad bandwidth carrying a frequency of 144,000, the Pleiadian Ascension Frequential, and was not available before 2013.

Marconic Recalibration is the next wave of human evolution:

· Triggering DNA, from the Double Helix back to 12 Strand.

· Brings us into alignment with our Higher Self and draws it down to Merge in the I AM Presence.

· Stimulates the production of Adamantine Particles of the Crystal Core God Self - helping

us to integrate male and female energies.

· Activates Light encoded filaments within the body hologram, drawing photons into the body through the surface of the skin as it drops density on our journey into Light.

· Connects us to the Axi-a, Axi-b and Axi-c tonal grids allowing us access through 12 Dimensions, as we return to our true Multi-Dimensional being.

· Restores the Pineal Gland – The Hyper-dimensional Star Gate, for travel

· Develops the Lightbody and Merkabic System

As a Level I Marconic Practitioner you will be able to deliver the energy to yourself, your family & friends, and clients in person and remotely. Check out the schedule on the Marconics website for Levels II, III and IV too!

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